Welcome to the world of photography through my unique perspective! I’m Andrés Rodríguez, a passionate Colombian photographer who blends visual art with transmedia communication, combining my love for architecture, interior design, and wildlife.

With a Master’s degree in Transmedia Communication, I’ve explored the countless ways images can tell stories, capturing the essence of architectural spaces and the beauty of wildlife in transformative ways.

My photographs aren’t just images; they’re narratives that convey emotions and energy. With over a decade of experience in the field, I’ve honed my technique to capture the essence of every environment, from the intricate details of architecture to the majesty of the natural world.

I employ various photographic techniques, from astrophotography capturing the vastness of the universe to macrophotography revealing the beauty in the tiniest details of nature. Additionally, I have experience in architectural and interior design portraits, aiming to capture the essence and personality of each space. I’m also passionate about hospitality photography, creating portraits that convey the warmth and hospitality of each location.

I’m available to work anywhere in the world, bringing my passion for photography wherever it’s needed. Let me take you on a journey through my lens, where reality transforms into art and imagination comes to life. I’m excited to share my vision with you and capture the moments that truly make life extraordinary. Welcome to my photographic world!

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